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    Jhoria's Case


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    Jhoria's Case

    Post by Phantom on Mon Aug 28, 2017 10:39 am

    Name: Jhoria Ognder
    Race: Infernal Tiefling with Bronze dragon blood
    Gender: Female
    Age: appears to be mid 20's, but had no conscious thought until 2 years ago

    - Is trying to find her purpose in life
    - Was born in Baator
    - She was breeding stock for an Abishai clan
    - Somehow ended up in Carceri, though doesn't remember how.
    - Joined a prison gang in there
    - Was there for about a year
    - An old human man there took her into his care, and taught her to speak and read
    - That was when she began to gain her self awareness
    - Was scavenging for things there in the lower levels when she came across a spoon
    - She picked it up and suddenly found herself on the Prime.
    - It appears to be a Planar key, though it'll need to be examined.  She believes it to be broken now.
    - She appeared in the grass outside of the Kortugan docks near the enclave
    - That was about 2 years ago
    - Some tried to help her, most tried to take advantage of her.
    - She used to behave like she did in Baator
    - She struggled to make healthy associations with people up until a few months ago, and even then only as acquaintances
    - She's tried three jobs. Collector/gatherer, prostitute, and waitress
    - She initially began as a collector/gatherer here a couple of weeks after she first arrived in the isles
    - She then tried being a prostitute in Sharessia and Kortuga a couple of months later
    - She worked independently and not part of any group
    - The job was inconsistent, very little profit and dangerous
    - A couple of months later she became a waitress in the Silver Dagger (about a year and a half ago)
    - Took the job due to a note on the boards looking for employees
    - She worked there for a couple of months
    - She quit because it was less profitable than being a prostitute and possibly more dangerous
    - She enjoys improving herself, and battling monsters allows her to polish her technique
    - She enjoys sex, especially when her partner knows what to do
    - Didn't enjoy being a waitress at all, and found it boring and monotonous
    - She feels gold is just a tool and not overly imporant
    - She's a follower of Tempus
    - She's currently a Sharessian citizen
    The Plan
    A full medical examination from Kittie
    Have one of the magical consultants examine her as well, and that spoon
    Introduce her to Baergen, to see about her joining the Legion

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