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    Recon Team Protocol


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    Recon Team Protocol Empty Recon Team Protocol

    Post by Phantom on Sun Nov 02, 2014 9:35 pm

    The Recon Team is our eyes and our ears, our vital source of information.  They are the ones who find the leads to follow, who identify who's who, and keep our finger on the pulse of the community. At times Scouts, at times Surveillance, at times a hidden security force.  They are those who know, yet are unknown.  This set of protocols is to establish the method to achieve those goals.  They are intended for use on other players, and will help establish roots within the community, as well as help build our name and reputation.  The main benefit, however, is that it will provide us with several prospective events as different leads are discovered, and we'll be able to pick and choose our work at our own discretion, and without placing the heavy load of needing to come up with event after event on anyone.  

    - remain passive at first, concealed preferably, and observe the locals
    - identify who leads people, in any capacity
    - pick one and focus on them
    - observe their underlings  
    - identify the trail back to the leader, and anything beyond.  know the names of those you've followed along the trail
    - determine whether or not to assist or stop that group
    - move on to the next leader you originally identified, and shift focus to that group, and so on down the list
    - keep an eye out for new leaders at all times, to add them to the list
    - time sensitive matters take priority over the list, when determining where focus should be placed
    - also be sure to look for specialists during this as well.  it doesn't matter what field, they can become a potential resource at any time

    The Recon Agents will observe the locals.  They then bring the information to their group's Coordinator, who decides which one to begin focusing on.  The Recon Agents will then turn their attention towards the chosen name's underlings.  They will attempt to determine the nature of the leadership, other underlings and associates, as well as any higher ranks in the hierarchy.  The Recon Agents will attempt to remain passive, either watching from the shadows or behaving casually so as to not expose themselves. The Coordinator will handle communication if/when contact is initially made, and will handle any decision making in the field that would need to be made.  The decision as to whether or not to assist or stop the group must come from the Manager, however.  All information regarding the case will be presented to the Manager, (and a general summary should be posted on the forums).  When this decision has been made, the Coordinator moves in to follow up on the case.

    Time Sensitive matters take priority over standard protocols.  Information regarding time sensitive matters must filter immediately upwards through our ranks, even if it means one must leave the scene to deliver the information.  

    Specialists, in any field, should always be taken special note of.  Regardless of what that specialization happens to be in.  Anyone who is extremely adept at any certain activity.  We'll run into a wide variety of situations, and we'll also run into a wide variety of needs.  It would be nice to know who we can refer back to if a need arises that we don't have covered with our own structure.

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