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    Danika's Case


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    Danika's Case

    Post by Phantom on Wed Aug 31, 2016 5:55 am

    - Human, female
    - former captain of the Azure Angel
    - Her ship was attacked by Sahuagin and a Kraken and sunk
    - All of her crew died in the attack
    - Has been giving each crew member a funeral each night, one at a time
    - Had a nightmare
    - In the nightmare, she was back on the ship. There was no sound, no smell, no creaking of the ship, no clicking as she turned the wheel, nor any of her crew
    - She was sailing towards a giant building in the distance with a pair of 50 feet tall gates with a symbol of "the dead judge" on it, a skeletal hand holding scales.
    - As she got closer, she saw 25 row boats, with a single man on each holding a lantern with a candle inside
    - As they got to the gates, the gates opened and there was a light and a handsome man, as tall as the gates, standing at the podium with a gavel in his hands, and he seemed to be directing the boats
    - As the first of her crew was about to enter the gates, a slimy black tentacle came out of the water, wrapped around his boat and pulled him underwater. This happened to each of her crew
    - She looked over the side of the ship and saw that the tentacles were attached to a face deep under water (most likely Umberlee) and the face would eat each crewmember that got pulled under
    - For each crew member that got attacked, a Sahuagin would appear on her ship and impale her with a spear
    - When all 25 crewmen had been eaten, and she was impaled with 25 spears, the tentacles came up to pull her ship under
    - When she was telling me this story, a lass came up and hugged her from behind. Danika apparently was hallucinating, because she thought the lass was a Sahuagin and almost stabbed her

    Whelp will send Kaya and Bromkalha into her dreams, to conduct an initial investigation. If it's just a nightmare, then they'll deal with the nightmares then and there
    If it turns out to be a curse, we'll have to change out method entirely. Taria from the temple will be able to assist with that.
    Either way, Danika should shift her funerals over to the shrine of Kelemvor in the temple from now on, and will need to have an initial meeting with Danika as well.

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