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    Recruitment Guidelines


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    Recruitment Guidelines Empty Recruitment Guidelines

    Post by Phantom on Wed Nov 05, 2014 1:32 pm

    - Locate the RP hubs
    - Spend time casually observing the locals
    - Take note of any who fulfill the critera listed below, have good attitudes and demeanors, and care about the quality of their work.
    - Once someone had proven themselves to be right for one of the jobs, contact the Manager and give him as many details about the personin question as possible.
    - Let the player know OOCly that they are being considered for membership, so that they don't join another guild before they can be met with.
    - The Manager will spend a day thinking everything over.
    - If approved the Manager will meet with them, either on his own or through having a meeting set up.

    - Make a recruitment post on the games RP forums
    - Check the recruitment forum on the games forums for any new posts once a day
    - Send a PM to any who may fit with the work being done.

    - look for wisdom, and learning ability
    - looks for those willing to learn
    - look for those who have existing problems, which can be used for a TON of RP experience with them
    - look for people with determination and drive
    - people who have shown themselves to be to be well trained can become potential specialists.
    - examples of their work must be witnessed at least a few times, for quality and factual knowledge.

    - Avoid those who claim to be something, but never actually do the job
    - avoid the arrogant
    - avoid people who tend to BS everything for the sake of a "good story" (they don't make good stories, they make gaping plotholes)
    - avoid the careless. if they rush blindly into everything, they'll cause a shitton of problems
    - avoid people who argue points to death. they won't learn, they'll just waste time
    - avoid the mary-sue style characters
    - avoid those who view combat as a first, and usually only, solution to any problems
    - avoid the impatient, they'll go all "ooh shiney" the instant you turn your head.
    - avoid the clingy ones. they'll annoy you until you snap on them.

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