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    Character Background and Basics


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    Character Background and Basics

    Post by Phantom on Sun Nov 02, 2014 9:53 pm

    Image and Looks

    [indent] Hideous Appearance: -20 Points
    Ugly Appearance: -10 Points
    Unattractive Appearance: -5 Points
    Average Appearance: No bonus or penalty
    Attractive Appearance: +5 Points
    Handsome or Beautiful Appearance: +15 Points
    Very Handsome or Beautiful Appearance: +25 Points[/indent]

    [indent] Costs 10 Points
    Can use both hands to fight or act[/indent]

    [indent] Skinny: -5 Points
    Overweight: -5 Points
    Fat: -10 Points
    Extremely Fat: -20 Points[/indent]

    [indent] Costs 10 Points
    +2 bonus on: Bard, Diplomacy, Politician, Savoir-Faire, Sex Appeal and Singing[/indent]

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    Re: Character Background and Basics

    Post by Phantom on Sun Nov 02, 2014 9:53 pm

    Social Standing

    Clerical Investment
    You are a ranking member of a religion, complete with title
    Costs 5 points per level of rank

    Committed to a Responsibility
    [indent] Almost all of the time: -15 Points
    Quite often: -10 Points
    Fairly often: -5 Points
    Occasionally: -2 Points[/indent]

    Legal Enforcement Powers
    [indent] 5 Points: Local jurisdiction, ability to arrest suspected criminals, and possibly the right to carry a concealed weapon
    10 Points: National or International Justisdiction or not obligated to respect the civil rights of others, or free to engage in covert investigations, or able to kill with relative impunity
    15 Points: 3 or more of the above abilities[/indent]

    Military Rank
    [indent] 5 points per level of the rank
    Any accompanying status does not need to be paid for with additional Points[/indent]

    5, 10, 15, or 20 point cost, depending on how significant the reaction is, or -5, -10, -15, -20 if the reaction is a negative one
    People Affected
    [indent] Everyone you meet: Use listed Value
    Large class of people: 1/2 the value
    Small class of people: 1/3 the value[/indent]
    Frequency of recognition
    [indent] All the time: no modifier
    Sometimes: 1/2 value, rounded down
    Occasionally: 1/3 value, rounded down[/indent]

    Social Stigma
    [indent] Second Class Citizen: -5 Points
    Treated as Valuable Property: -10 Points
    Minority Group: -15 Points
    Outside, Outlaw, or Barbarian: -20[/indent]

    [indent] Measured in Social Levels ranging from -4 (worthless scum) to 8 (You are considered literally divine)
    Cost is 5 Points per level
    A Wealth Level of Wealthy or above gives you 1 level of status for free[/indent]

    Dead Broke: -25 Points, no money, no property other than the clothes on your back
    Poor: -15 Points, 1/5 average starting wealth
    Struggling: -10 Points, 1/2 average starting wealth
    Average: no point cost or bonus, average starting wealth
    Comfortable: 10 Poinrts, twice average starting wealth
    Wealthy: 20 Points, 5 times average starting wealth, Bonus of +1 Point to status
    Very Wealthy: 30 Points, 20 times average starting wealth
    Filthy Rich: 50 Points, 100 times starting wealth
    Multimillionaire: Can be bought multiple times, 25 Points per level, increases your wealth by a factor of 10 (first rank would be 1,000 times average), additional free bonus of status to a maximum +2 beyond the one given at Wealthy.

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    Re: Character Background and Basics

    Post by Phantom on Sun Nov 02, 2014 9:54 pm

    Friends and Foes

    Frequency of appearance
    [indent] Appears almost all of the time: Triple Cost
    Appears quite often: Double Cost
    Appears fairly often: Listed Cost
    Appears rarely: half cost, round up[/indent]

    Built like any other character, only with 50 Points or less
    [indent] 0 Points or less used: -16 Points
    1-25 Points used: -12 Points
    26-50 Points used: -6 Points
    50+ Points: No bonus Points[/indent]

    [indent] 10 Points: A single powerful individual, or a group with assets of at least 1000 starting wealth
    15 Points: An extremely powerful individual , or an organization with assets of at least 10,000 starting wealth
    25 Points: A very powerful organization with assets of at least a million times starting wealth
    30 Points: A national Government or giant multi-national Organization[/indent]

    -5 Points: A single enemy created with 50 Points
    -10 Points: A single enemy created with 100 points, or 3-5 enemies created with 25 Points
    -20 Points: A group of 6-20 people
    -30 Points: A group of 20-1000 people, or a group of 6-20 that includes some formidable or superhuman individuals
    -40 Points: An entire government or some other utterly formidable group.

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    Re: Character Background and Basics

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