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    Advantages Empty Advantages

    Post by Phantom on Sun Nov 02, 2014 9:52 pm

    Absolute Direction: 5 Points
    - Always know which direction north is

    Acute Sense: 2 Points per level
    - Pick a specific sense to add points too (Sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell)
    - +1 to rolls to sense something per level

    Alertness: 5 Points per level
    - +1 to ANY Sense rolls per level

    Animal Empathy: 5 Points
    - +2 on reaction rolls for wild animals, +4 for domesticated animals

    Combat Reflexes: 15 Points
    - + 1 to any Active Defense in combat
    - +6 on rolls to wake up or recover from a stun

    Common Sense: 10 Points
    - GM rolls against your IQ any time you do something he feels is stupid
    - Success means he warns you by saying "Hadn't you better think about that?"

    Danger Sense: 15 Points
    - GM rolls once against your IQ in any situation involving an ambush, impending disaster or similar hazard.
    - Success means you get a warning that something's wrong
    - A roll of 3 or 4 means you get a little detail as to the nature of the danger

    Daredevil: 15 Points
    - +1 to all skill rolls any time you take an unnecessary risk

    Double-Jointed: 5 Points
    - +3 on any Climbing roll, or roll to escape from ropes, handcuffs or other restraints, or on any Mechanic roll

    Empathy: 15 Points
    - Can request for the GM to roll against your IQ to determine what you may "feel about them" (a failed roll means the GM may lie about it)

    High Pain Threshold: 10 Points
    - If you are hurt in combat, you aren't stunned by it and do not have a "shock" penalty ( A head blow can still stun you though)
    - +3 to resist torture

    High Technology: 20 Points

    Disease Resistant/Immunity: 5/10 POints

    Language Talent: 2 points per level
    - When you lean any language, you add a level of your Language talent to your IQ

    Luck: 15, 30, or 60 Points
    - Able to reroll a single bad die roll twice, and the best of the three is the result
    - 15 Points is once per hour
    - 30 Points is once per half hour
    - 60 Points is once per 10 minutes

    Musical Ability: 1 Point per level
    - +1 bonus to learn music
    - +1 to HT for Singing Skill

    Magical Aptitude: 15, 25, 35
    - +1 to IQ roll per rank to learn any spell
    - +1 to IQ roll per rank to notice if an object is magical when you touch it

    Night Vision: 10 Points
    - Able to see in the dark

    Rapid Healing: 5 or 15 Points
    - Only available if your basic HT is above 110
    - +5 or +115 to rolls to recover lost HP or when rolling to see if you can get over a crippling injury

    Resistant to Poison: 5 Points
    - +3 to HT to resist the effects of poison

    Single Minded: 5 Points
    - + 3 bonus when working on length tasks
    - -5 to notice interruptions

    Strong Will: 4 Points per level
    - +1 to IQ rolls per level when making a will roll for any reason

    Toughness: 10/25 Points
    - +1 DR for 10 Points
    - +2 DR for 25 Points

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