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    Disadvantages Empty Disadvantages

    Post by Phantom on Sun Nov 02, 2014 9:51 pm

    Bad Sight: -10
    - Either near sighted or far sighted, your choice
    - Can wear glasses or contacts to correct it

    Bad Temper: -10 Points
    - Make a Will roll to avoid bullying when you know you shouldn't, but otherwise be a bully

    Code of Honor: -5 to -15 Points
    - A Formal Code that applies on amongst one's peers is worth -5 Points
    - Informal Code that applies all the time is worth  -10 Points
    - A Formal Code that applies all the time, or which requires suicide if broken, is worth -15 Points

    Compulsive Behavior: -5 to -15 Points
    - You have a very bad habit you feel compelled to indulge in on a daily basis
    - A Will roll is required to avoid the compulsion in a specific instance, or for a specific day. (NOTE: You should not try to avoid the compulsion very often
    - GM will decide the Point value based on what the behavior is, how much money it costs, and how much trouble it is likely to get the PC in

    Cowardice: -10 Points
    - Roll will when you are called on to risk Physical danger
    - - 5 on the Will roll if there is a risk of death
    - If you fail the roll, you must refuse to endanger yourself, unless you are threatened with an even greater danger.

    Gluttony: -10 Points
    - Given the chance, you must always burden yourself with extra provisions
    - You should never willingly miss a meal
    - Must make a Will roll to resist being tempted with a tastey treat or drink

    Greed: - 15 Points
    - Must make a Will roll to avoid temptation whenever riches are offered (as payment for an honest job, gains from adventure, spoils of a crime, or just bait)
    - Honest characters roll at +5 to resist a shady deal and +10 to resist an outright crime

    Hard of Hearing: -10 Points
    - -4 on IQ rolls on hearing and language checks, and any situation where you must understand someone talking.

    Honesty: -10 Points
    - You MUST obey the law
    - Faced with unreasonable laws, you must roll IQ to see the "need" to break them, and against Will to avoid turning yourself in afterward.

    Illiteracy: -5/-10 Points
    - -5 for Semi-Literate
    - -10 for Illiterate

    Impulsiveness: -10 Points
    - Act first, think later.
    - If it is absolutely necessary to wait and ponder, you must make a Will roll to do so

    Jealousy: -10 Points
    - Automatic bad reaction toward anyone who may seem smarter, more attractive, or better off that you
    - You will resist any plan proposed by a "rival"
    - Will hate it if someone else is in the limelight

    Lame: -15, -25, or -35 Points
    - Crippled leg: -15 Points, -3 penalty to use any physical skill that requires running or walking
    - One left: -25 Points, You cannot run.  Maximum movement of 2 with crutches or a peg leg,
    - Legless or paraplegic: - 35 points, Confined to a wheelchair

    Laziness: -10 Points
    - Must avoid work, especially hard work, at all costs

    Miserliness: -10 Points
    - Like greed, only more concerned with holding onto money you already have
    - Must make a Will roll ehwn you are called upon to spend money
    - - 5 on the Will roll if the expenditure is large
    - Failure means you refuse to spend the money, or if the money MUST be spent, you should haggle and complain as much as possible

    One Arm: -20 PoInts
    - Can't do anything that requires two arms

    One eye: - 15 Points
    - -1 DEX penalty on combat and anything involving hand-eye coordination
    - -3 to use missile weapons, throw objects, or drive any vehicle faster than a horse and buggy

    Overconfidence: - 10 Points
    - Must roll an IQ roll to be cautious.

    Pacifism: - 15 Points
    - Self Defense only
    - Or, Cannot Kill

    Can temporarily overcome it with a will Roll, but the fear persists resulting in -2 IQ and -2 DX
    Common Phobias
    [indent] Blood: -10 Points
    Crowds: -15 Points
    Darkness: -15 Points
    Dogs: -5 Points
    Enclosed Spaces: -15 Points
    Heights: -10 points
    Number 13: - 5 Points
    Open Spaces: -10 Points
    Spiders: -5 Points
    Strange and Unknown things: -15 Points[/indent]

    Primitive: -5 Points per Tech Level
    Must find a teacher to learn things above your Tech Level

    Pyromania: -5 Points
    When absolutely necessary, make a WIll roll to override your desire to set things on fire

    Sense of Duty: -5,-10,-15,-20 Points
    [indent] Close friends and companions: -5 Points
    Toward a nation or other Large group: -10 Points
    Toward everyone you know personally: -10 Points
    Toward all humanity (or appropriate race): -15 Points
    Toward every living being: -20 Points[/indent]

    Stubbornness: -5 Points
    Always want to make your own way, and generally hard to get along with.

    Truthfulness: -5 Points
    Hate to tell a lie, or are very bad at it
    To tell a lie, make a Will roll at a -5 Penalty
    A failed roll means you blurt out the truth, or do so poorly the lie is obvious

    Vow: -1 to -15 Points
    Example Vows
    [indent] Always wear red: -1 Point, Quirk
    Vegetarianism: -5 Points, Minor Vow
    Use no edged weapons: -10 Points, Major Vow
    Always Fight with the wrong hand: -15 Points, Great Vow[/indent]

    Weak Will: -8 Points per level
    For Every level taken, your IQ is lowered by 1 when you make a Will roll
    A Character Cannot have both Strong and Weak Will

    Youth: -2 to -6 Points
    17: -2 Points
    16: -4 Points
    15: -6 Points

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