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    Character Skills


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    Character Skills Empty Character Skills

    Post by Phantom on Sun Nov 02, 2014 9:50 pm

    Acrobatics (Physical/Hard) - DX-6
    Acting (Mental/Average) - IQ-5
    Animal Handling (Mental/Hard)- IQ-6
    Area Knowledge (Mental/Easy) - IQ-4 for area residents only
    Armory (Mental/Average) - IQ-5
    Artist (Mental/Hard) - IQ-6
    Bard (Mental/Average) - IQ-5
    Blacksmith (Mental/Average) - IQ-5
    Boxing (Physical/Average) - No Default, at 1/5th of your skill (round down) to damage
    Brawling (Physical/Easy) - No Default, add 1/10th of your skill (Round down) to damage
    Camouflage (Mental/Easy) - IQ-4
    Carpentry (Mental/Easy) - IQ-4 or DX-4
    Climbing (Physical/Average) - DX-5 or ST-5
    Computer Operation (Mental/Easy) - IQ-4
    Computer Programming (Mental/Hard) - No Default
    Cooking (Mental/Easy) - IQ-4
    Criminology (Mental/Average) - IQ-4
    Dancing (Physical/Average) - DX-5
    Demolition (Mental/Average) - IQ-5
    Disguise (Mental/Average) - Iq-5
    Electronics (Mental/Hard) - No default
    Electronics Operation (Mental/Average) - IQ-5
    Engineer (Mental/Hard) - No default
    Escape (Physical/Hard) - DX-6
    First Aid (Mental/Easy) - IQ-5
    Forensics (Mental/Hard) - No default
    Forgery (Mental/Hard) - IQ-6 or DX-8
    Gambling (Mental/Avergage) - IQ-5
    Hand Weapon (Physical/Varies) - Defaults Vary
    [indent] Axe/Mace (P/A) - DX-5
    Blackjack (P/E) - DX-4
    Broadsword (P/A) - DX-5
    Fencing (P/A) - DX-5, parry is 2/3 not 1/2
    Flail (P/H) - DX-6
    Force Sword (P/A) - DX-5
    Knife - (P/E) - DX-4
    Knife throwing (P/E) DX-4
    Polearm (P/A) - DX-5
    Shortsword (P/A) - DX-5
    Spear (P/A) - DX-5
    Staff (P/H) - DX-6, PArry is 2/3 not 1/2
    Two-Handed Axe/Mace (P/A) - DX-5
    Two-Handed Sword (P/A) - DX-5[/indent]
    Holdout (Mental/Average) - IQ-5
    Humanities (Mental/Hard) - IQ-6
    Influence Skills (Mental/Varies) - Default Varies
    [indent] Diplomacy (M/H) - IQ-6
    Fast Talk (M/A) - IQ-5
    Intimidation (M/A) - ST-5
    Savoir-Faire (M/E) - IQ-4
    Sex Appeal - (M/E) HT- 3
    Streetwise (M/A) - IQ-5[/indent]
    Interrogation (Mental/Average) - IQ-5
    Jumping (Physical/Easy) - No Default
    Law (Mental/Hard) - IQ-6
    Leadership (Mental/Average) - ST-5
    Lockpicking (Mental/Average) - IQ-5
    Martial Arts(Physical/Hard) No Default, use Karate Skill instead of DX to determine the odds of hitting, and add 1/5th of your skill level (round down) to damage
    Medical Diagnosis (Mental/Hard) - IQ-6
    Merchant (Mental/Average) - IQ-5
    Meteorology (Mental/Average) - IQ-5
    Projectile Weapon (Physical/Varies) - Default Varies, Add + 1 for an IQ of 10-11, and +2 for an IQ of 12+ for those marked with a *
    [indent] Beam Weapon* (P/E) - DX-4
    Black Powder Weapons* (P/E) - DX-4
    Bow (P/H) - Dx-6
    Crossbow (P/E) - DX-4
    Guns* (P/E) - DX-4
    Sling (P/H) - DX-6[/indent]
    Musical Instrument (Mental/Hard) - No Default
    Natural Sciences (Mental/Hard) - IQ-6
    Naturalist (Mental/Hard) - IQ-6
    Navigation (Mental/Hard) - No default
    Occultism (Mental/Average) - IQ-6
    Photography (Mental/Average) - IQ-5
    Physician (Mental/Hard) - IQ-7
    Pickpocket (Physical/Hard) - DX-6
    Research (Mental/Average) - IQ-5
    Riding (Physical/Average) - DX-5
    Running (Physical/Hard) - No default
    Shadowing (Mental/Average) - IQ-6
    Shield (Physical/Easy)- DX-4, Block Score is equal to half of your shield score
    Singing (Physical/Easy) - HT-4
    Social Sciences (Mental/Hard) - IQ-6
    Stealth (Physical/Average) - IQ-5 or DX-5
    Survival (Mental/Average) - IQ-5
    Swimming (Physical/Easy) - ST-5 or DX-4
    Tactics (Mental/Hard) - IQ-6
    Teaching (Mental/Average) - IQ-5
    Throwing (Physical/Hard) - No default
    Thrown Weapon (Physical/Easy) - DX-4
    Tracking (Mental/Average) - IQ-5
    Traps (Mental/Average) - IQ-5 or DX-5
    Vehicle Skills (Physical/Varies) - Default Varies
    [indent] Bicycling (P/E) - DX-4
    Boating (P/A) - DX-5, rowboats and sailboats
    Driving (P/A) - IQ-5, cars
    Motorcycle (P/E) - IQ-4
    Piloting (P/A) - IQ-5
    Powerboats (P/A) - IQ-5[/indent]
    Writing (Mental/Average) - IQ-5

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    Character Skills Empty Re: Character Skills

    Post by Phantom on Sun Nov 02, 2014 9:50 pm

    Raising Skill Levels

    Physical Skills
    [th]Skill Level[/th][th]Easy[/th][th]Average[/th][th]Hard[/th]
    DX-3------------------1/2 Point
    DX-2---------1/2 Point1 Point
    DX-11/2 Point1 Point2 Points
    DX1 Point2 Points4 Points
    DX+12 Points4 Points8 Points
    DX+24 Points8 Points16 Points
    DX+38 Points16 Points24 Points
    Stat+416 Points24 Points32 Points

    Mental Skills
    [th]Skill Level[/th][th]Easy[/th][th]Average[/th][th]Hard[/th][th]Very Hard[/th]
    IQ-4---------------------------1/2 Point
    IQ-3------------------1/2 Point1 Point
    IQ-2---------1/2 Point1 Point2 Points
    IQ-11/2 Point1 Point2 Point4 Points
    IQ1 Point2 Points4 Points8 Points
    IQ+12 Points4 Points6 Points12 Points
    IQ+24 Points6 Points8 Points16 Points

    Physical stats usually work off of Dexterity and Mental stats usually work off of Intelligence. There are exceptions, however, and those exceptions are noted on the list above.

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